7 Great Expat Businesses in Korea: The Arrival Store Makes the List!

Groove Korea Magazine’s readers reviewed and voted The Arrival Store as one of the “7 Great Businesses Started by Expats in Korea!”

We made the list of top 7 expat businesses in Korea!

Groove Korea’s 7th anniversary cover

For those not in the know, Groove magazine is arguably Korea’s best publication for foreigners. It is published monthly, and provides articles on travel, food and drink, arts and culture, as well as editorials on the issues of the day. It’s a great magazine, and is available both online and in hard copy anywhere foreigners tend to gather.

Here at the arrival store we’re ecstatic to be chosen by the community as one of “7 Great Businesses Started by Expats.” It’s great to know that the list was determined by votes from the community – that means we’re doing things right!

Click here to read the full article online!

It takes a village, though, and we think the other expat businesses on that list are pretty darn great, too. Here they are:

  1. Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro, Magpie Brewing co., The Booth, and Wolfhound – All great places to unwind after a long day with a refreshing pint and some good food.
  2. High Street Market – Our partners in delicious food made the list too! Visit them at www.highstreet.co.kr, and say we sent you to get 15% off your first online order.
  3. That Turkish guy who owns all the kebab places springing up in Seoul – There are at least five stalls scattered around Hongdae on any given Friday night. Ask for the spicy kebab – if you dare.
  4. Vatos Urban Taco, Gusto Taco – No website that I can find, but if this video doesn’t make you instantly hungry then we don’t want to be friends with you.
    SuperColorSuper logo

    The SuperColorSuper logo is super colorful.

  5. Body and Seoul Martial Arts and Fitness Center – In a land with a dojang on every corner, finally here’s one for foreigners.
  6. SuperColorSuper – Called “Korea’s Premiere Indie Booking Agency” by no less than the New York Times, they’ve already organized over 200 concerts of local and international artists.

Go and read the full article on their website to find the results of 26 other 7-themed polls, from the informative “7 Best Blogs in Korea” (we’ll make it next time, I’m sure) to the amusing “7 Signs You Should Hit the Brakes on Your Boozing”, by way of a quick pit stop at the bizarre “7 Museums That Are So Lame You Must Go See Them For Yourself”.


Get your copy of Groove Magazine online, or for free at any one of the many bars, restaurants, and hang-out spots where foreigners tend to congregate. Congratulations again to Groove  for a successful 7 years!

This is not the first time Groove has shown us some love. Click here to read the feature article they published about The Arrival Store back in 2012.