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We have spent some serious time getting together some solid answers to many questions that come up on a regular basis. We wanted to make sure you were empowered to get the information you need as quickly as possible. We might not always respond to emails as quickly as you need, and we might be out of the office when you call. If you have a question about The Arrival Store, phones, billing, or orders, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer on this page.

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Do I have to order the items before I leave for Korea?

No. TAS is always available to you throughout your time in Korea. One of the biggest advantages of using TAS though, is that you can have all of the items you order set up and waiting for you at a convenient destination when you arrive. Imagine getting off the plane, heading to your apartment and having a functioning cell phone, bed sheets, clean towels, and being able to plug in your computer without having to even think about. TAS saves you all of the trouble. With our help you won’t even have to think about many of the items that cause so many expats headaches as they are trying to settle into life in Korea. You’ll save yourself a heap of time and energy and avoid spending money on cabs and making several shopping trips all under the influence of jet lag!

How long does shipping take?

Shipping in Korea is fast – usually 2-3 business days. When placing your order, however, please bear in mind that Long-Term SIM Cards and Phone leases might take a few days to set up with the phone company before we are able to send them out, and so can take up to 5 business days.

Also, if you’d like to have your phone or sim card sent to Incheon airport, allow for at least 5 days.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you are working on a tight schedule, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Where are the items delivered to?

TAS can have items delivered to almost any address in Korea.

We recommend that you receive your package at your place of work (office, school, etc.), Incheon Airport (phone solutions only), or a hotel rather than at your new apartment. There are several reason for this:

  • That’s where you will be during the day.
  • There are people there who can speak Korean and English to interface with the delivery guy.
  • Not all apartments have security desks to receive packages, and so your package could otherwise be left in the hall, outside, or at a local convenience store (it has happened).
  • If you need to get stuff transported from your school to your apartment, taxis are cheap even if no one at your school can help.
  • This is the MOST secure way we can get things to you.

If you REALLY want it at your apartment, or are absolutely sure there’s a security desk and you will receive it, we can ship your order there. But if you are unsure, we would advise against it.

Where can I find the tracking information for my package?

If you have a package being shipped normally inside Korea a general rule of thumb is: “South Korea is a very small country, and parcels can usually get to their destination within 24-48 hours” (though we don’t guarantee that it will arrive that fast, only that it will arrive). We don’t currently provide shipping information for most orders (only orders that go to the airport, see below).

The reason is that usually the packages are delivered within 48 hours of ordering (depending on the date you ordered and ask for the package to be delivered) so often times, when we receive a request for tracking a package, the package has already been delivered. We currently don’t have the technology for automatic tracking, since we don’t have our own courier company, and don’t have a way to automate the tracking yet. Our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.
If you have a package being shipped to Incheon airport you will receive email instructions on how and where to pick up your package, including a shipping reference number. You will NEED to present that number to retrieve your package. They WILL NOT give you the package unless you give them that number.

Payment Instructions and Bank Account Numbers

Click here to download the document: Payment Instructions and Bank Account Numbers

Can I bring my Smartphone and use it in Korea?

Yes, as of 2012, this is now possible to do, as long as your phone is unlocked from your Service Provider back home. You can even get a SIM card from us. Since you’ll be in Korea with your new phone, here is a list of Essential Apps we recommend for Smartphone users, especially those running the Android operating system.

How can I place a deposit for a Phone or Sim Card?

You can place your deposit in two ways.

The first (and recommended) option is to place a deposit through our PayPal gateway, here. You don’t need a PayPal account to do so (all major credit and NA debit cards are accepted), and the system makes it very easy for us to refund your deposit when you end your service with us.

The second option only applies if you’re already in South Korea, and is to make a deposit via Korean Bank Transfer. Instructions for doing so are located here.

How do I activate my phone?

Your phone will be activated from day one, so you won’t need to do anything. This also means that even if you are not using your phone, you are still being charged for it. If the phone is out of our office and in your possession, it is an open line, and you will be charged a base fee, even if you are not using it.

What can I do if everything works regarding my new sim card, except for my Data?

This might be an issue with your Data connection where your phone fails to pull down the correct APN settings from the network.


To set up your APN manually, please follow these instructions:

For Android users

  1. Settings – More Network
  2. Mobile networks
  3. APN(Access Point Names)
  4. Click on the left bottom button / 3 dots in the right top corner (depending on model) and choose: New APN

Add the APN:


APN: alwayson.ktfwing.com or alwayson-r6.ktfwing.com (for 3G phones) or lte.ktfwing.com (for LTE phones)

MMSC http://mmsc.ktfwing.com

MMS Port: 9082



For iOS users

Try this first!!!

Connect to iTunes via a wired connection to your laptop or computer

Sync with iTunes

Disconnect and restart the phone

Connect to iTunes again, where you should get a message saying there is new carrier data available for download

Download the carrier data

Disconnect and restart the phone


If that doesn’t work, edit the APN settings manually

Settings > Cellular

Cellular Data Network

Edit APN

http://alwayson.ktfwing.com/ (for 3G phones) or lte.ktfwing.com (for LTE phones)

MMSC http://mmsc.ktfwing.com:9082


If it’s still not working, email us at [email protected].

I have an unlimited data plan, but every time I turn the phone on, it says I will be charged an extra fee if I allow data. What's going on?

This is a standard warning on all Android phones in Korea. Your usual data limits still apply. You’ll still be on the unlimited data plan, and won’t need to worry about being capped.

Sometimes the international calling number you gave me (1688-5558) doesn't work. What gives?

In our experience there are two possibilities as to why the number isn’t working.

  1. On occasion, user error presents a problem. Please make sure that you:
    1. Dial 1688-5558 on your phone and press send.
    2. Wait for the prompt.
    3. Enter the country code, area code and number you’re trying to reach and press “#”.
    4. You should hear “Please wait while I connect your call”
  2. Sometime the service is out of commission. This is not actually our service, but rather something that we make expats aware of. We have no influence on the company, and if the phone number is down, there are others you can use to place the same calls. This is just the one we like and have had the most success with.

Please Note**: This number does not work to call South Africa.
Alternatively, you can try the OTO international app, which belongs to the same company. This app will still not allow calls to be made to South Africa.

Can I use my phone outside of Korea?

We need to check if it will work outside of Korea first, please let us know which country you are travelling to and we can let you know. Typically, simple phones do not work, and smart phones do, but double check with us. The customer is responsible for all additional costs incurred from roaming.


Normal roaming charges (KRW 3.5/0.5 KB) will apply if the contract period expires or in countries where unlimited data roaming is not available. This can very quickly add up.

We would advise you to look at the Unlimited Roaming option, offered by KT, to ensure that you pay a maximum of 11,000W per day. Please email us at [email protected] in order to organize this on your behalf.

Can I put my phone/SIM plan on hold, while I leave Korea for a few weeks?

We will be able to put your phone / SIM plan on hold for a while.

Send us an email, with the exact dates that you would like us to suspend your plan at [email protected]


The Hold fee will be as follows:


– SIM card: 10,000 won/ month

– Simple phone: 15,000 won/ month

– Sky Vegar Racer II, Galaxy S3 or S4: 25,000 won/ month

– iPhone 5: 35,000 won/ month

– Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6: 40,000 won/ month

My phone is not operating as well as it should, due to normal wear and tear. What are my options?

Can I change my phone / SIM plan?

You’ll be able to change your plan once a year, whether that is to upgrade to a plan with more data or less data.

In order to proceed, we’ll just need the upgrade form to be completed, and then you’d be all set.

What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

We are sorry to hear that you lost your phone, we know that this can be frustrating and is obviously very inconvenient.  Our goal is to get a replacement phone out to you as quickly and conveniently as the system allows.

You should contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can suspend the service. Even if the phone is stolen or lost, any usages and expenses on that phone incurred after loss or theft and before we can get the service shut down are your (the person leasing the phone from TAS) responsibility.

We will give you further instructions once you have contacted us.

PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT AS WELL if you’ve lost an iPhone 5 or any LTE phone on lease with us!

What happens when I complete my phone contract or would like to cancel my phone services and return my phone to TAS?

Please fill out this form online to begin the return process. You can send the phone directly to us at our Korean office. The address is located on the Contact Us page. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PHONE TO BE SHIPPED TO US BY A FRIEND OR COWORKER! It is best that you should send the phone to us yourself. We have had several people lose the deposits on their phone because they have left phones with other people to ship back for them, and these phones were never returned to us. Please do not take any chances and ship us your phone yourself.

You can either purchase new packaging from the Korea Post Office, or if you have the original box, you can send it back to us in that. We do not provide return addressed boxes or envelopes, and you are responsible for your return shipping costs.
We’ll process your outstanding balance and fees against your deposit and send the remainder back to you within 3 weeks. In the case that the fees and outstanding usage are not covered by your deposit, an invoice will be sent to you payable within 2 weeks of the issue date. You can receive your refund either through PayPal or Korean Bank Transfer (you can choose when you complete the form).

I just sent the phone back. How do I know if you’ve received it?

Shipping is extremely fast and very reliable. We make it a point to email everyone and let them know their phone was received. However, this doesn’t always happen. If you have a doubt in your mind that the phone arrived, please email us two days after shipping it back to us.

I am about to leave Korea and want to use the phone I leased up to the last possible minute. Can I send it back to you from the airport?

Yes, you can. Please check this webpage to familiarize yourself with the options for shipping the phone back from Incheon Airport. Please first fill out this form online, so we know when to expect your phone.

I accidentally left Korea with the phone I leased from TAS. How can I send it back?

The phone can be shipped back to us using the address on our Contact page. Please DO NOT write “cell phone” or “smartphone” on the box or customs form. We would recommend also purchasing insurance and tracking on the package, as we do not consider the package returned until we receive it in our office and we need to receive it within 30 days of your phone cancellation. Your deposit will not be returned until the phone has arrived.  

Please fill out this form to begin the return process.

I closed my Korean bank account and I don’t have a PayPal account either. How can I get my deposit back?

PayPal accounts are FREE and VERY easy to set up. If you have a bank account in your home country, you can easily set that up. If you don’t have any bank account or PayPal account, you can either open a bank account (as you’ll probably want one at some point) and set up a PayPal account here, or if a friend or family member has a PayPal account, we can transfer the money to them, and they can give it to you. This is pretty common, and if you don’t want to open a PayPal account, this would be the way to go.

What happens when I would like to cancel my phone / SIM plan before the end of the committed period?

The monthly rate is dependent upon how long the CUSTOMER commits to using the service; the longer the commitment, the cheaper the monthly service. CUSTOMERS can cancel their service at any time without a penalty; however, if they cancel without fulfilling their initial commitment, their final invoice will include the difference in the monthly fee for each month they used the service.

We have three different periods:

A minimum commitment of 3+ months, 12+ months and 24+ months, each at a different monthly rate.

Example #1: If Scot committed to 12 months, and cancelled after 6, he would be charged at the 3+ month rate for the first 6 months which would be reflected in his final invoice.

Example #2: If Reuben committed to 24 months, and cancelled after 14 months, he would be charged the 12+ month rate for the first for 14 months, and his final invoice would reflect the difference in the base rates.

I Received the Phone Deposit Return but it’s much less than I expected. How is that calculated?

The deposit you made originally is partially used to pay your final bill.Your bill may be larger than expected because if you started your plan before 2016, the cell phone billing period goes from the first of the month to the end of the month and are billed the following month. So for example, if you have been using our service for a year, and you leave Korea on April 15th, the last bill you paid was your March bill for February’s usage. This means that you have a month and a half (March 1 – April 15) that you still are responsible for paying.

Please refer to the video below and this document to see how we bill.

How can I locate service locations for my phone?

If it happens that your experience an issue with your phone that requires technical attention, let us know. However, since we are not a major telecom company, we cannot provide the technical assistance your phone will require and we will refer you to a Service Center based on the brand of your phone. You can also located these yourself using these websites:

Samsung Service Center Locator

Sky  Vega Service Center Locator

LG Service Center Locator

We recommend that you employ the help of your co-workers/co-teachers in finding these service centers, as they will know better than us the location of the nearest service center and how to get there.

*We do ask that you call us from the service center if you are getting one of the TAS Simple Phones or TAS Smart phones serviced as the phones are in our name. Please call our office at 031-793-2257 when you are at the service center so we can speak with the technician in Korean.

Essential Apps for your Smart Phone

Click here to download the document: Some Essential Apps for Your Smart Phone

Put my phone on hold

Going on vacation for more than a month? Put your phone on hold!

If you will need to fill out this form online.

Or you can download, fill out, and scan this form back to us. Once we receive it, we will issue you a PayPal invoice you’ll need to pay before we

Download the Phone Hold Form here.

Lost LTE and iPhone Policy

Download the policy here.

EG SIM Card Manual

Click here to download the EG SIM Card setup manual.

Phone Return Slip

Please fill out this form online to begin the return of your phone.

Phone Service Hold Form

Please fill out this form online, or click here to download: Phone Service Hold Form.

When do you send out phone bills?

We send out phone bills around the last week of each month and will receive a text message alerting you that your eBill has arrived.

When are phone bills due?

Phone bills are due 6-7 days after their are sent out unless otherwise stated.

How do I pay my phone bill?

Go to an ATM machine at any bank in your neighborhood or use your online Korean banking to transfer money using the instructions below. If you have any trouble please just ask a person at the bank for assistance.

Account Details:

Bank Name: KEB (Korean Exchange Bank or Code 05)

Account Number: 630-007245-942

Beneficiary: 주식회사디어라이벌스토어 (The Arrival Store)

Instructions for transferring by ATM: Follow these instructions at the ATM:

  1. Select English
  2. Choose the transfer option
  3. Choose the bank of the recipient (KEB or Code 05)
  4. Input account number of the recipient (630-007245-942)
  5. Choose the amount
  6. Confirm (green button)

Please refer to the video below and this document for more information on Korean Bank Transfers.

I haven't received my arc yet so I don't have a bank account set up. What should I do?

Let us know, and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice with 5% added to the bill for transaction fees. This invoice is payable with any major credit card, or with Paypal.

Why is my first month higher than I expected?

Our billing cycle is based on the calendar month, and we prorate your service so that, if you arrive on the 21st of December (for example) your base fee for that month would be 11/31 of your total base fee eleven days of that month). Since you don’t receive your first eBill until the end of your first full month, your first bill will include the 11 days in December plus your full January bill which means your first bill is higher than the rest of your bills. Your 2nd eBill and all following months will simply be for 1 month.

How can I get confirmation that my payment went through?

If you sent a bank transfer for your phone bill or ONPL invoice, the best way to check that the transfer went through is to update your bank book and look for the transaction line item. If you write to us to confirm the transaction, we will need the information there anyway, so please keep your bank book updated. If you’d like us to double check that we received it, please send us the following:

  • The date of the transfer
  • The exact time of the transfer
  • The exact amount of the transfer.

If you’ve made a deposit with PayPal, you should have received a receipt of the deposit sent to your email. We can always double check this though.

I paid my phone bill last month, but there is an unpaid balance on the bill this month. What happened?

Sometimes we make mistakes. It is possible that you paid and we didn’t mark you as paid. This could have happened for any of several reasons:

  • The amount of the transfer did not match the amount on your bill
  • The name on the account the transfer came from didn’t match your name
  • The money was transferred to the wrong account (i.e., the Phones account, instead of the Orders account).

Sometimes, however, the payment you made didn’t go through. If you have your receipt from the transfer, and it says one of the following, it means your transfer did NOT go through:

  • “기타오류”, which means “error”.
  • “Ask the counter staff”
  • “Please see bank teller”

The best way to confirm the transfer went through is to update your bank book.

I will be out of town when my bill arrives. How can I take care of the bill early so that I don't get a late fee?

After your first bill, your bills will never be lower than the base fee on your phone plan. In order to avoid a late fee, let us know and we will send you a PayPal invoice in order to do the transaction online.

I didn't receive my phone bill this month. What should I do?

If you haven’t received a bill by the 28th of the month there may be an error in our system regarding your email address. Please first check your spam filter, but if it’s not there then email us at [email protected] so we can check on it.

Price Comparison Chart

Click here to download: Price Comparison Chart.

TAS Phone Bills: How we Bill and Monthly Costs

Click here to download: TAS Phone Bills: How We Bill and Monthly Costs.

What are the details of the TAS return policy for items other than phones?

Please use this form when returning items. You may return unopened products for a full refund if the products are delivered back to the TAS Korea office within thirty (30) days from the date of delivery. You can box up all the items you want to return or exchange in the same box they came in, or get a new box from the Korea Post Office.

REMEMBER: You are responsible for the cost of shipping items back to us.

Please review our shipping and returns information page for our returns policy.

What are the details of the TAS return policy for phones?

If you would like to return a phone or cancel a SIM plan, please fill out this form and find detailed instructions in the Phones section

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