iPhone 6s (16GB) lease for $20/month


One Time Activation Fee: $30
Phone Rental: $24/month
Plan: Charged Monthly, Choose Below
Deposit: $275 100% refundable deposit billed after checkout

We guarantee that when you order at least 3 business days before your arrival (5 for airport delivery), your phone will be waiting for you at the hotel, apartment or workplace of your choosing. After initial fees, you won’t receive a bill until the end of the next month.

The process is simple:

  1. Choose your monthly usage plan
  2. Choose your plan duration
  3. Checkout and pay your deposit*

*See description below for plan prices and details



Plans and Monthly Costs (does not include monthly phone lease rate)

Plan Types and Details 3-10 month lease 11-17 month lease 18-23 month lease 24+ month lease
TAS Basic
300MB Data
Unlimited Domestic Texts
Unlimited Domestic Calls









TAS Plus
2GB Data
Unlimited Domestic Texts
Unlimited Domestic Calls









TAS Unlimited
Unlimited Data
Unlimited Domestic Texts
Unlimited Domestic Calls









*after completion of selected plan duration, you will be charged on a month to month basis

Monthly Phone Bills – You will receive your bill via email each month for the previous month’s usage.  The bill will be in English and our customer service is in English as well.

Phone Lease – After you select your duration and usage plan, you need to select the phone that you’d like to lease for the duration of your contract. The monthly lease rate vary depending on what device you choose. In most cases you will receive a used phone in great condition.

100% refundable deposit – With all our devices a $275 deposit is mandatory and instructions will be sent immediately after you check out.  All deposits are 100% refundable upon the return of your phone and the completion of all your outstanding payments.


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