The Arrival Store Around-the-Web Roundup

Heard of The Arrival Store? Here’s what people are saying about us in reviews online – the good, the bad, and the just plain weird. We want you to see the whole picture!

ArrivalStore_LogoColorFINALHere at The Arrival Store, we like to think that we’re very open about everything we do, whether that be our pricing (we published a comparison to EMart prices, with photos and everything), our return policy (you can return everything for a full refund, no questions asked, so long as it’s unused), or our delivery methods. We just want people to have as much information as possible, and to help them make informed decisions.

So, in the interest of that openness, we’ve gathered this list of blogs, sites, and reviews around the web that have mentioned us. We don’t skimp – we want to include any review or opinion of TAS, whether good, bad, or mixed – but if we miss one, feel free to let us know via that box on the right, and we’ll hasten to add it to the list.

So let us present, without fanfare, our TAS Around-the-Web Roundup!

The Good

The Mixed

The Bad

  • This conversation on Dave’s ESL cafe seems to miss the point – and illustrates the kind of people who opine on public forums
  • As does¬†this

If all this info has left you with more questions than answers, feel free to get in touch with The Arrival Store. We have Transition Experts, all of whom have lived in Korea and can answer any questions about that country that you may have.