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If you have ever traveled or lived abroad for a prolonged period of time, you have probably experienced the maddening challenges of getting life set up in a foreign country. As you know it often requires countless hours going through unfamiliar processes, in unfamiliar places, using broken language and dramatic hand and body motions. After living in several different countries and going through these humbling experiences one too many times, the concept for the was born.

Because our service is so convenient and so well priced, everyone always asks, “What’s the catch?” Well there isn’t a catch. Our model is simple: offer competitive prices, great products, personal service, and deliver them in an innovative and fun way. Even if you arrive in the country and

find you do not need an item, you can send it back to us for a refund.

We are actually, probably a lot like you. We have a passion for breaking the mold and discovering new adventures. We love meeting new people and making friends. We hate being bored and think that it is difficult to regret any time spent abroad. We believe that our worldview can always expand. We are not just a website, we’re real people.

We work hard. We enjoy getting a good bang for our buck and have high standards for quality and service. We appreciate things that save time and help avoid needless frustration. We think we should treat other people like we want to be treated. We believe that we should always be searching for ways to help those who need it.

We think that if someone is talking about us, we should listen. If it is positive we should celebrate. If it is negative we should probably change something. We like to deliver what we promise. These are the things that our team is about, and this is what does.

Stop by and see us in North America or South Korea. If you can’t stop by, shoot us an email or set up a chat with our Transition Experts who have lived and worked in Korea. They’re here to help you make your move and transition to Korea as smooth as possible, so you can live the adventure.

Scot Sustad
CEO, Co-founder

founded to help ex-pats avoid the difficulties of transitioning to a new country and make the experience an adventure, not a hassle.

Whether you’re going to South Korea to teach English, study abroad, on military deployment, foreign business or travel, our products and services exists to help create a smooth transition to your new home overseas. We’re a passionate team and we love seeing the world. Check out a message from the Arrival Store’s founder, Scot Sustad, who has lived overseas for many years.


We are committed to focusing on PEOPLE, FUN, and GETTING IT DONE!


Scot Sustad

Chief Pioneer, Co-founder

I’m Scot. I’ve spent about a third of my life abroad and am always looking for the next adventure.  My beautiful wife and I lived and worked in Korea for 2 years where we spent our holidays and weekends traveling throughout Asia.  We went everywhere from the Philippines to Tibet, where I was bucked off a yak (literally). Living and working in Korea is an experience I’ll never forget, and I’m lucky enough now to return from time to time!  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching 7 year olds, but found I love starting things that help people do something off the beaten path. I love working with The Arrival Store because I get to interact with people everyday who are interested in adding a little adventure to their life!  Go make some memories!


Mitzie van der Merwe

Head Transition Expert

Hi guys, I’m Mitzie, and I’m in love with Korea. I’ve spent 2 years there, one in the countryside, and another, closer to Seoul. I’ve had some incredible moments in Korea.These include amongst others roof-topping on the craziest places, experiencing snow for the first time (ever!) and meeting the most amazing people! It showed me that the world is so much bigger, yet so much more reachable than I would have thought. I’m currently back in South Africa, and I miss Korean Barbeque, the fast internet and the weirdest coffee shops you’ll ever find! Hope to tell you all about my experiences so you can return the favor soon after!


Rueben Zuidhof

The Chief, Co-founder

My 6 years in Korea are likely the most shaping years of my life.  My wife and I got married, I had major knee surgery, and we moved all within 3 months.  It was supposed to be for 1 year, but 1 turned into 2, turned into 3… It wasn’t until about 4 years into our Korea that Scot and I finally gave legs to the idea of The Arrival Store.  Everyone seemed to me talking about the same things that were the toughest part of the transition to living in Korea.  We have a small team that really cares about providing expats with the smoothest possible transition and on most days if you talk to me, I LOVE what I do.  Yes, there is the odd day that I wish I was still in your shoes, travelling the world, meeting new people, experiencing Korean culture and creating memories that you’ll never forget.  


Minseo (Chloe)

Chief Fulfillment Officer

Hi i’m Chloe. Welcome to Korea and I hope your time here will be amazing. I’m working here at The Arrival Store, but I can be a friend to you as well! 🙂 I’m going to help you as much as I possibly can here in Korea.


Jaeseung Han

Korean Office Manager

Hi, it’s a great pleasure to assist expats in Korea. Any question is welcome and we’ll give our utmost effort to make things clear for you. I like what The Arrival Store is doing and hope you experience the same!


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