The Expat Lounge's list of Recommended English Teacher Recruiters for South Korea. Editor's Note: This post was originally posted on September 6th, 2014 and has been revamped and updated for 2018! In addition to being editor of The Expat Lounge, Anthony is the Senior Transition Expert at The Arrival Store, in which role he's fortunate [...]
Getting your E2 visa is the final step in preparing to depart for Korea, but it can take months to gather all the necessary paperwork. Make sure to start the process early, and read this guide to understand every step. Originally from Wisconsin, Lauren now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She finished her time in [...]
Finding hagwon jobs in Korea is easy, but finding a good hagwon job, well, that just takes asking the right questions. Read on to find out what those questions are. Anthony has spent three years in Korea, at three different schools - all of which he was very happy with. Writing to you from a country [...]
Thanks for stopping by! Here’s the deal, we’re passionate about you loving your life abroad. The Arrival Store and our Expat Lounge was created by expats to help future and current expats in South Korea. We want to help you squeeze as many awesome experiences out of your time as possible. We’ll help you skip [...]