How to spend your first 48 hours in Korea
Follow this checklist (in no specific order) to make sure that your first 48-hours in Korea will set your entire adventure off on a positive note! After multiple moves to live and work abroad, I’ve developed a sense of how to make the best of the first 48 hours in your new home in order [...]
Here are 15 of the most important Korean phrases your phrasebook probably doesn't mention until after that section on fractions. You can apply these magical words in a hundred different situations. Having lived in both Masan and Seoul, Anthony is a master at Korean charades, and finds that having a few select phrases up your [...]

Korea can be a hard place to move to if you don’t know what to expect. Read on to arm yourself against the common obstacles and make the start of your Korean adventure buttery-smooth. A three-year veteran in the war against Korean monoglottery, Anthony has been through this process twice and is here to tell […]

In this, the first of a series of interviews with expats, teachers, and other vagabonds living in Korea, I interview Amanda Segal, an expat teaching in Yeoju. Here, Amanda shares some of her experiences adapting to life in a small town in Korea. Originally from Cape Town, Anthony has lived in Korea for three years. […]

These are resources that you can use on your own time, and go at your own pace, whether you’ve got a full-time or part-time job, work mornings, afternoons or nights. This is obvious to anyone trying to learn a language. To hear and understand, speak and write any language takes discipline. There is the daily discipline […]

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s the deal, we’re passionate about you loving your life abroad. The Arrival Store and our Expat Lounge was created by expats to help future and current expats in South Korea. We want to help you squeeze as many awesome experiences out of your time as possible. We’ll help you skip [...]