Teaching English in South Korea: Our Recommended Recruiters

The Expat Lounge’s list of Recommended English Teacher Recruiters for South Korea.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted on September 6th, 2014 and has been revamped and updated for 2018!

Anthony Weineck - Profile

In addition to being editor of The Expat Lounge, Anthony is the Senior Transition Expert at The Arrival Store, in which role he’s fortunate to spend his days chatting with people moving to South Korea, sharing his three years of experience teaching in public schools there, and helping people prepare for the big move. 

I’ve written previously about the process of searching for a teaching job in Korea, with the article “8 Things to Consider When Looking for Hagwon Jobs in Korea“, in which I talk about what questions to ask when considering private school job offers. Having the best English Teaching recruiter on your side – one you can trust to advocate on your behalf – can make all the difference between a smooth transition and a frustrating one.

Part of my job as Transition Expert at The Arrival Store is speaking with people about to move out to Korea and helping them prepare mentally and practically for the huge transition to the Land of the Morning Calm. In that role, I get to speak with teachers from all over the world and many different teacher recruiter agencies. I hear about people’s experiences, not only with the bureaucratic nightmare of visas, background checks, and international couriers, but also with their recruiter, their school, and the advice they’re getting.

A good recruiter can make the difference between a smooth transition and a nightmare

That’s why I’ve put together this list of recruiters who, I know from the experience of talking to thousands of teachers, put your interests first, treat their teachers well, and only deal with reputable schools.

Public vs. Private Schools – The process of applying for a public school job differs greatly from that of applying for a private school one. Whereas, with private schools, it’s best to send out your information to multiple recruiters (as different recruiters have relationships with different schools and chains), applying for the EPIK, SMOE, or GEPIK programs through multiple recruiters is a quick way to have your application rejected.

If you’re applying for one of those government programs, make sure you communicate clearly with your recruiter what you’re looking for, and don’t apply to the same program more than once. Some positions do have public school positions directly through the provincial ministry of education, though, which can be applied for in addition to the mainstream programs.

The List of Recommended South Korean, English Teacher Recruiters:


Adventure TeachingAT - logo

Job types: Korean public and private schools, China and other countries as well.


Website: www.adventureteaching.com

Contact/Apply: [email protected] / 1-844-597-3064 (toll-free)

Location: Vancouver, Canada

A little bit about Adventure Teaching: They say that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and, at Adventure Teaching, this is certainly the case.  What makes them so special?  Simple: the things we hear in Adventure Teaching Reviews, is that the team ACTUALLY CARES. They aren’t just trying to connect the dots. They know their schools and they know their teachers and want the best for them and the time they invest caring for each applicant really shows. There is a reason that Adventure Teaching is at the top of the list, in our humble opinion, they seem to do it better than the others. This is what they’re all about!

Seriously, if you’re considering teaching in Korea or China, definitely apply to them first here.

Teach ESL KoreaTeachESLKorea

Job types: Korean public and private schools

Website: www.teacheslkorea.com

Contact/Apply: [email protected]

Location: Canada

ESL StarterESL-Starter logo

Job Types: Korean public schools, plus many other countries

Website: www.eslstarter.com

Contact/Apply: [email protected] / (UK) +44 (0)1618182191 / (US) +1 2093489814

Location: United Kingdom

A bit about ESL Starter: From Buenos Aires to Beijing and from Bangkok to Barcelona – we do teaching English abroad! ESLstarter strives to provide outstanding, overseas teaching programs with the highest levels of support, dedication, and commitment to our teachers.

AclipseAclipse logo

Job Types: All jobs are with the Chung Dahm Learning chain

Website: www.aclipse.net

Contact/Apply: [email protected] / +1 (857) 404-0171

Location: Boston, MA

A little bit about Aclipse: Aclipse is looking for college seniors and recent college graduates who are interested in teaching English abroad, primarily in Korea and China. We have trusted partners in both countries and our recruiters, who have all taught English abroad, will be there to help you with every step of the application process.

Gone2Koreagone2korealogo 2

Job Types: Public and private school jobs

Website: www.gone2korea.com

Contact/Apply: [email protected] / +1 (416) 642-6506

Location: Toronto, Canada

A bit about Gone2Korea: Gone2Korea coordinates hundreds of placements annually in both public and private schools. Let Gone2Korea be your guide to an unforgettable experience abroad!

Reach to TeachReach to Teach logo

Job Types: Public and private schools, plus other countries across Asia



Contact/Apply: [email protected] / (US) +1 (201) 467-4612 / (UK) +44 (0) 203-286-9794

Locations: Algona, IO; Taipei, Taiwan, Seoul, South Korea

A bit about Reach to Teach: Reach To Teach is a FREE, ESL Teacher Placement Agency. Our extensive experience with placing teachers in government teaching programs and private language schools allows us to give simple answers to your questions and help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Ask Now-ETOAsk Now-ETO Recruiting

Job Types: Public and private schools

Website: www.asknow.ca

Contact/Apply: [email protected] / (Canada) +1 (212) 313-9566 / (Korea) +82 (0)31 896-0148

Locations: Hanmer, ON; Yongin, SK

A bit about Ask Now: At Ask Now-ETO, our mission is making certain that you have the job you want, where you want, and then preparing you to ensure that your experience is as fulfilling as it ought to be. Claim a new and exciting job opportunity today!

Footprints RecruitingFootprints Recruiting

Job Types: Korean public schools, plus schools in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE

Website: www.footprintsrecruiting.com

Contact/Apply: [email protected] /+1 (888) 677-3166 / +1 (604) 677-6556

Head Office Location: Vancouver, Canada

A bit about Footprints: Footprints Recruiting Incorporated is an international leader in teacher placement. If you are looking for opportunities to Teach English Abroad, Footprints Recruiting has opportunities that span the globe. Our recruiters work with you every step of the way to ensure that the experience of every teacher that goes to teach abroad through our company is a positive one. If you are looking for an ESL job in a country not mentioned above – check out ESL101.com for great ESL teaching jobs around the world.

What recruiters are you working with? Have you had a positive (or negative) experience with any of the recruiters listed here? Let us know in the comments below, or send us an email through the form on the right.