How to spend your first 48 hours in Korea
Follow this checklist (in no specific order) to make sure that your first 48-hours in Korea will set your entire adventure off on a positive note! After multiple moves to live and work abroad, I’ve developed a sense of how to make the best of the first 48 hours in your new home in order [...]

Gyeongnidan is a neighborhood, just one station from Itaewon, that is quickly becoming an epicenter of trendy restaurants, cafes, and shops, as well as a number of stylish, cozy bars. Always on the hunt for her next meal, Amanda’s search for great food and atmosphere have taken her into the nooks and crannies of Seoul. […]

Galmegi Brewing is Busan’s first craft beer pub, and will soon be opening the first American-style microbrewery and brewpub in Korea’s second city. We sent Josh Sokolow to find out what keeps them brewing with style! An avid traveler, expat, foodie, and lover of all things with an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) over 5%, you […]

For expats, eating in Korea is one of those seemingly simple tasks that becomes infinitely more complex with the addition of language and cultural barriers. Here, Amanda gives us the must-know breakdown for eating in Korea. Originally from New Jersey, Amanda spent two years living and teaching in “rural” Gyeonggi-do. That experience taught her well […]

In part two of her paean to "rural" Korean living, Amanda shares with us her top 8 reasons to live outside of the major hubs of Seoul, Busan, and Daegu. Amanda is a self-proclaimed city girl, born and raised in the densely populated suburbs of New Jersey, only a hop, skip, and a jump from [...]
Finding Christmas dinner in Korea is nearly impossible, so here are some recipes and tips to help you prepare your own - despite that tiny apartment. A three-year veteran of Korea, Anthony has twice hosted full-out Christmas dinners in tiny spaces. Last year saw 12 people feasting on roast pork, chicken, and potatoes, apple sauce, [...]

Buam-dong is a charming neighborhood in the center of Seoul, South Korea that offers a peaceful alternative to often-hectic Samcheongdong. In the first of a series of posts about lesser-known destinations, Amanda gives us an insider’s view. Always on the hunt for her next meal, Amanda’s search for great food and atmosphere have taken her […]

If you’re looking for a quick bite – or a taste of local flavor – Korean street food is tasty, cheap- and often weird. Here’s our guide to what’s in it, how to order it, and whether you should. Always keen to try new food and new flavors, Anthony loves Korean street food. After three […]

So you’ve been in Korea a few weeks, and you’re finally tired of barbecue? Next time you’re out ‘n about and don’t know what food to order, try one of these delicious, traditional Korean dishes. A self-described glutton and foodie, Anthony shares the best food he has found over the last three years of living […]

Looking for things to do during the first few months in Seoul, Korea? Our own Transition Expert Kelsey Philips gives a rundown of things to do in this beautiful city. Today’s post comes from Arrival Store Transition Expert, Kelsey Phillips. A California gal, Kelsey brings her years of experience and adventures in Korea to connect […]