Looking to Move Abroad? Numerous people and celebrities have steadily said that if Donald Trump won the US election they would move to another country. Some of those people, perhaps even you, have dreamed of what it would be like to move to Korea, whether it's with your family, individually to teach English or just [...]
transition to life in korea
Nervous about heading overseas? Wondering how you'll handle the transition to life in Korea?  Here are my top 10 tips to making transition a breeze! Holy crap! You are moving to South Korea! You do your last minute shopping and you scour online forums for advice but you know that nothing can truly prepare you [...]
Christmas Presents From Korea: Stationery Kyobo
Here's your guide to Christmas Presents From Korea to give to your loved ones this year. With the holidays approaching soon and the recent drop in temperatures, there’s a definite internal conflict between wanting to do holiday shopping and the simultaneous desire to stay buried under the covers in your cozy socks, with a hot [...]
How to spend your first 48 hours in Korea
Follow this checklist (in no specific order) to make sure that your first 48-hours in Korea will set your entire adventure off on a positive note! After multiple moves to live and work abroad, I’ve developed a sense of how to make the best of the first 48 hours in your new home in order [...]
3 Ways Moving to South Korea Will Turn You into a Badass

Hey, You: Are you considering taking the leap and moving to South Korea? Have you heard your friends talk about their experiences living and travelling abroad and maybe you feel hopping the pond to Korea might be for you? Well, I can assure you, this 13-25 hour flight is not for everyone. Living in another […]

Heard of The Arrival Store? Here's what people are saying about us in reviews online - the good, the bad, and the just plain weird. We want you to see the whole picture! Here at The Arrival Store, we like to think that we're very open about everything we do, whether that be our pricing [...]