Christmas Presents From Korea: Stationery Kyobo
Here's your guide to Christmas Presents From Korea to give to your loved ones this year. With the holidays approaching soon and the recent drop in temperatures, there’s a definite internal conflict between wanting to do holiday shopping and the simultaneous desire to stay buried under the covers in your cozy socks, with a hot [...]
Surviving Korean Drinking Culture
Ever heard about the legendary drinking culture in South Korea? Here's one girl's guide to making the most out of Korea's favorite past time. I spent two wonderful years living and working abroad in Seoul, South Korea. When I arrived, I was surprised to learn how influential the drinking culture was. It was then I [...]
How to spend your first 48 hours in Korea
Follow this checklist (in no specific order) to make sure that your first 48-hours in Korea will set your entire adventure off on a positive note! After multiple moves to live and work abroad, I’ve developed a sense of how to make the best of the first 48 hours in your new home in order [...]
Public Transportation in Seoul
One of the hardest aspects of moving to a different country is learning how to maneuver public transportation. But it doesn't take long to figure out why Korea is known for having some of the best transportation in the world. From the intricate subway layout, to hailing a taxi, there are more than enough ways [...]
The cell phone landscape is constantly changing in Korea. Prices, offerings, and availability are all very dynamic.Breaking down the cost of cell phones in Korea is a difficult task, so we got The Arrival Store's Nate Finch to give you all the details and compare The Arrival Store's offerings with typical prices on the street. Whatever [...]
Finally, you can get a SIM card in Korea to plug into your unlocked phone – without the usual three-day wait – and be immediately connected with friends and family around the world. However long you’re planning on being in Korea, The Arrival Store offers SIM cards on affordable long-term plans or convenient short-term rentals–waiting [...]
Will my phone work in Korea? Check out this list for general phone requirements, as well as a list of which phones work in Korea - and which ones don't This post has been updated with our best information as of October 2016. Around 2010, the phone industry in Korea changed. Before that it was [...]
We're always trying our best to find the most up-to-date information on cell phones, plans and providers in South Korea. Use this guide as a start to understand how cell phone services and plans work in South Korea. For Korea's simplest short-term rental phones and SIMs, long-term phone lease, and medium-term SIM plans (1-24 months) [...]
Here are 15 of the most important Korean phrases your phrasebook probably doesn't mention until after that section on fractions. You can apply these magical words in a hundred different situations. Having lived in both Masan and Seoul, Anthony is a master at Korean charades, and finds that having a few select phrases up your [...]
Due to strict ID requirements, getting connected to the Internet when you first arrive in Korea can be difficult, and the Internet services you're used to may not be available. Anthony spent three years living and working in Korea, and is now the Senior Transition Expert at The Arrival Store. In that position he's fielded [...]