How to spend your first 48 hours in Korea
Follow this checklist (in no specific order) to make sure that your first 48-hours in Korea will set your entire adventure off on a positive note! After multiple moves to live and work abroad, I’ve developed a sense of how to make the best of the first 48 hours in your new home in order [...]
Business Travel in Seoul
Whatever the reason, getting to travel with most expenses paid is a luxury. But business travel can be a grind. You find yourself moving from meeting to meeting and working in between. But finding a few gaps in your busy schedule to experience the city you're visiting can be well worth it--especially when that city [...]
The cell phone landscape is constantly changing in Korea. Prices, offerings, and availability are all very dynamic.Breaking down the cost of cell phones in Korea is a difficult task, so we got The Arrival Store's Nate Finch to give you all the details and compare The Arrival Store's offerings with typical prices on the street. Whatever [...]
Finally, you can get a SIM card in Korea to plug into your unlocked phone – without the usual three-day wait – and be immediately connected with friends and family around the world. However long you’re planning on being in Korea, The Arrival Store offers SIM cards on affordable long-term plans or convenient short-term rentals–waiting [...]
Will my phone work in Korea? Check out this list for general phone requirements, as well as a list of which phones work in Korea - and which ones don't This post has been updated with our best information as of October 2016. Around 2010, the phone industry in Korea changed. Before that it was [...]
Due to strict ID requirements, getting connected to the Internet when you first arrive in Korea can be difficult, and the Internet services you're used to may not be available. Anthony spent three years living and working in Korea, and is now the Senior Transition Expert at The Arrival Store. In that position he's fielded [...]
Little has been written about coping with culture shock and the expat lifestyle, so we asked therapist Jennifer Valentine to share some strategies for maintaining a healthy mindset and positive attitude while in Korea. Originally from the US, Jennifer has made "homes" in Korea, Singapore, and the UK, and is currently VP at Adaptable Human Solutions [...]
Moving to Korea with a family can seem a Herculean effort, yet the opportunities to learn, travel, and grow closer as a family draw scores of families overseas every year. Here, Brian Beatty gives us the benefit of his experience moving his family out to Korea. Brian never knew that a chance meeting with Bernadette [...]
You’re counting down the days until your flight to Korea—and a new life abroad—but you aren’t sure you’ve done all you should have. Check this list to make sure you’re prepared! Sarah is a Portland, Oregon native who crossed the Pacific for the opportunity to live and work in Seoul, South Korea. Through trial-and-error she [...]
Between the language barrier, the conflicting information available online, and all the confusing terms, finding an apartment in Korea is no easy task. We asked the guys from Your Ultimate Apartment to share their expertise. Joseph appreciates a balanced perspective. He grew up on both the east and west coasts of the United States, and continued [...]