We Were Featured on Expats Helping Expats!

We’re very excited that we got to be a part of Expats Helping Expats’ first webinar! What’s Expat’s Helping Expats? It was started by a passionate group of expats who want to share first hand info and help foster a positive and generous environment among expats in Korea.

The Arrival Store’s Founder, Scot Sustad, was one of four expat experts who shared various experiences and expertise on ways to make your move and transition to Korea the best experience possible.We think you’re going to learn A LOT. It features the following people and topics:

Expats Helping Expats - Joe McPhersonJoe McPherson of ZenKimchi talking about Korean FoodExpats Helping Expats - Scot SustadScot Sustad of The Arrival Store talking about communication options in Korea
Expats Helping Expats - Ben Glickman - Footprints RecruitingBen Glickman of Footprints Recruiting and ESL101.com talking about how to make a great impression on your Korean bosses
Kalie SokolovKalie Sokolow, a current English teacher living in Korea, giving her experience on Korean apartments

Or listen to the audio version:

Learn more about Expats Helping Expats by visiting them at www.expatshelpingexpats.com